Benchtop Storage

Introducing the revolutionary benchtop pantry.

For the ultimate in storage convenience combine a Tambortech Door with a wide benchtop to create a beautiful, sleek yet practical kitchen that makes the traditional pantry cupboard obsolete.

Appliances, crockery, glassware, food stuffs, groceries, cereals, spices, etc can all be stored directly in your benchtop preparation area.

Our manual door operates seamlessly and silently. The specially designed swing handle enables you to gain access to the top shelves of the cupboard and automatically tucks away as you close the door.

With an impressive 2400 mm span available, the benchtop pantry can accommodate the needs of the largest of families and kitchens.

Consider our electronic Tambotech Door. One click of the button, the shelf storage is revealed.
Another click and your clutter is safely and quickly tucked away.

Tambortech Doors can be custom-made to match your cabinetry choice.

It’s the ultimate solution for your kitchen.

Benchtop Pantry Video
Benchtop Pantry made possible with a Tambortech Door