Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card. Click Order/Quotes then register and within 48 hours you will receive approval to log-in and order.

If you do not have a credit account, payment must be received before manufacture can commence.

I want to change the size/colour of a Tambour Door I have ordered?

Our policy allows cancellation or changes to size, colour, finish, etc. for only 24 hours after receipt of order.

If a reduction in size only is required, this can be done at no charge.

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What is the measurement to the back of the tambour roll? or How much does the Tambour roll take up?

Go to the Downloads page. The document Roll Clearances has a table & elevation drawing for roll clearances.

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Can you do a Tambour Door sliding horizontally?

Not with the hardware we supply. In the vertical application, our system works by counterbalancing gravity. Horizontally, there is no gravitational pull to counteract and the spring winds the Tambour Door into the open position.

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There are gaps between the slats. or The slats are not sitting flat. or There is a black line between the slats

This is caused by dust or particles getting between the slats in the period after the Tambour Door is unwrapped and before installation. Generally confined to one area of the slats.

In the affected area, fold back each slat and carefully clean out the debris.

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I need a Tambour Door that is seen from both sides

We are unable to offer anything other than our standard Tambour Door which has a polyester backing material.

Coloured vinyl backing won't work because the glue “plasticises” and the slats eventually separate from the backing.

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Can you do stainless steel?

No. All of our machinery is woodworking – we can’t do anything with hard metal.

We can supply Metallic Laminate or Aluminium Tambor Doors.

Please go to the Metallic Laminate or Aluminium Tambor door sections.

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Can I use a Tambour Door as a laundry door?

Yes. The only drawback, because of the thickness of the slats [only 5 mm], the handle has to stay in the normal position – at the bottom.

We can supply any size shutter up to a maximum of 3.4 square metres - except Aluminium and Decorative MDF. Click Size Availability for more information.

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Can I have a lower pelmet?

Yes, but the aluminium handle rail acts as the brake when it comes into contact with the front [idler] roller at the top.

An artificial stop [rubber bumper] must be used to limit the handle rail so that the handle does not hit the pelmet.

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I need to cut down the width of a Roller Shutter

It is not recommended that you attempt to do this.

We provide a free service in cutting Tambour Doors down to the size required. If you send the Tambour Door to us, we will do the cut down immediately on receipt and the warranty will continue – Contact Us to arrange pick-up.

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I don't like the bottom seal colour. or The 2 shutters I ordered have got different bottom seal colours

The bottom seal is only available in 2 colours – bronze & white. Because there is doubt on which colour to use, we supply both. The 2nd colour is inserted into the hollow of the handle support rail.

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I can’t get the tension right

The spring tension required is determined by the weight of the Tambor Door. Height, also, is a determining factor, because, as the shutter is pulled down, more turns are added to the initial setting.

Unfortunately, the tension can only be changed by 1 full rotation of the shutter. You can’t adjust by a ¼ turn or ½ turn and some shutters are going to fall into a neutral area. We supply the softest springs possible for each shutter so that the graduation between turns is as low as possible.

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The brackets are missing

Most often, this happens with craftwood shutters. The brackets have gone astray between the 2 pack contractor & you. Even so, we will replace the brackets free of charge.

We need an identification number to supply the correct parts.

The numbers can be found on the label fixed to the top slat of the Tambor Door.

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The Tambour is not wide enough. or The slats are the wrong width

We have never delivered a Tambour Door short on width. There is a deduction of 19 mm off the width of the slats for the thickness of the tracks each side.

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